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The    kick    ass    story    of    how    it    all    began

Thee Tale of Terror

 Once upon a cheesy poof, I was surfing the net when I just realized,
God Damnit, I am really sick of all these shit for brains hippy sites so 
why can't I make a site of my own? Afterall I am a beefcake. And it 
would show that son of a bitch kyle who's the real master, so I looked
and looked, for snacky cakes, and than got pretty pissed off so I 
looked for places to make a site. I looked and looked and said, 
"mom can you get me some tripod 4000" and she said,
"okay I'll get chew some tommorrow".
But I said, "mom i need it for tommorrow, mmm, mommmm ,mmmm"
And she said "okay honey I'll go to the store now"
And that was sweet. So off I was and I was totally
f*cked up right there and than and there, at that 
very moment I was pissed off totally, Kitty pissed 
me off and so I mega farted fire at her and some 
circuits busted and I learned html crap and by the 
way it sucked because reading sucks, and eventually
my mom hired this bono dude made this page so screw
you hippy. I take the credit and you can just 
Screw off!!!

This Southpark Wrestlers site owned by Sheldon Walker.
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